Window Air Conditioners

For those looking for a cooling solution this summer, window air conditioner units provide you with an effective and easily installed way to keep a room cool.

A window conditioner can help you save money if you need less cooling power than a large central air system.

window air conditionerAlso, a central air conditioner system might not be the best choice if you are only looking to cool one or two rooms.

What Are Window Air Conditioning Units?

These are self-contained air cooling boxes that fit into a window opening and are anchored in place with steel brackets.

They circulate air inside the room with an internal fan, while drawing outside air into the unit where it is chilled within the refrigeration machinery and blasted out of the unit into the room to lower the temperature inside the room.

You can have your window conditioner unit installed in a matter hours. These handy units can be easily taken out of service when it is no longer hot.

You may also be able pack up the unit and move it with you to your new home, if you decide to move house. This is an excellent option for tenants in commercial properties or rental properties.

What Are the Benefits of a Window Air Conditioner?

Despite the fact that there are a number of different air cooling solutions available these days, window units remain one of the most sought-after types of air conditioners.

These devices are often the only cooling system for many people's homes or offices.

Now we know what they are, let's take a look at the pros and cons of window air conditioning units:

Advantages of Window Air Conditioners

Window AC units are popular because they're inexpensive and easy to set up. In this respect, they are similar to electric wall heaters because you can buy one and have it installed in a small space for a surprisingly low price.

You can put them in transoms and single or double windows. They are a good solution for temporary renters, especially in areas where landlords don't want to invest in HVAC systems.


The smallest models of box units are the most affordable, whereas air conditioners with larger cooling capacities will cost more.

This is one way to cut air conditioning costs, since you are only cooling the space that is occupied at any given time. Window AC units can be the most affordable air conditioners at the store, depending on what you need.

You can install an air conditioner in your room if you rent a place and the owner doesn't want to install it. This is sensible as you may have a limited investment and it might not be worth investing in a more expensive system.


Variable digital controls are now common in many units. It is important to learn how to select an energy-efficient air conditioner.

Some window mounted units work as portable auto-evaporating air conditioning units, virtually eliminating the need to drain water into a container outside while improving cooling efficiency.

Additional utility savings can be achieved by using units with energy-saving switches. Room, or portable air conditioners can be more cost-effective than whole-house ducted aircon if you only need to cool one or two rooms.

Buying is Easy

If you're looking to purchase a window or room air conditioner, it is easy to find one in a store. You can also find them online. It's as simple as going to the store, or clicking a few buttons online.

Installation is Simple

Window air conditioners are much easier to install than other cooling systems like zoned mini split ductless AC, large DX or central air conditioners.

It is easy enough for most people to do without any previous experience. This one doesn't require a certified air conditioner installer.

Disadvantages of Window Air Conditioners

Window AC units cannot be placed anywhere. When placing the AC unit, it is important that the window frame can support the weight.

Window AC units will also block a portion of any window that you install them in. This means that you may not be able to open windows to let fresh air and natural light in your home.

For larger homes, window AC units are not very energy-efficient. These units are great for small rooms, but they can't cool entire houses or apartments.

If you have a larger space you will need more units to cool your home. This will not only increase your initial cost, but also dramatically increase your energy consumption.

There are many stories of window AC units falling several stories and crashing to their death, especially if they weren't installed correctly to begin with.

They can also pose a security threat on ground floor windows as they are not too difficulty for thieves to take out and gain easy access to your home.

Window AC Unit vs HVAC Systems

A home cooling assessment is a must before summer arrives. You can ask them for advice as you look into HVAC options and window AC units.

Although window AC units can be a temporary solution, they are not the best option for long-term cost savings in larger homes.

They are not only energy efficient but also do not block windows or create security risks. The added benefit of HVAC systems is that they heat your home in winter and allow you to set your desired home temperature throughout the year.


To determine the type of cooling system you should choose, it is important to define your cooling requirements.

If you live in a small apartment, it can be more economical to install one or two window units instead of installing central air.

Larger homes, on the other hand, benefit more from central air systems that can ne sized to work most efficiently in the space required.

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